Friday, 26 February 2016

City Branches

 City Branches

Caspars Tree


  1. Lovely!
    I recently tried doing a watercolor like the first one. Yep--still doing bad art (and still loving doing it!). I guess this is why you are the artist--and I'm one of the admirers.
    Hope your latest show went well.
    I'll be "missing" for a bit-time for the annual search for spring. It sure isn't HERE--LOL! Happy Spring

    1. thanks Sue, glad to hear you are carrying on with your painting, if your enjoying it, then thats a really good reason to keep going. Quality is a subjective and mercurial thing anyway, I thought the pictures I had in my recent show were quite good a few weeks ago, now I'm not so sure, maybe they will look better when Spring finally arrives.