Sunday, 14 February 2016

At the Narrative Spaces Show

Edori with her 'Garden Party' picture to the left and my 'Blind' to the right

A few camera problems meant most of the photos were unusable

Hopefully some more will appear later (the large drawing on the left is Edori's)

Two East Dulwich Roof top paintings

Forest Hill Flats


  1. How nice to "see" how they are displayed.
    It must be wonderful to be able to show your work. How proud you should be. Congrats! I hope it is going well.

    1. thanks Sue, it was a difficult show to hang as a lot of my pictures were quite small and I had to avoid the temptation to put too many up. In the end it look ok but I think we both needed a bit more space and some better lighting (hence the photo problem). Shame you are not more local it would have been nice to meet you at the show.