Saturday, 10 August 2013

The Wildlife Allotment

Vegetable Plots Designed to Benefit Wildlife

a) Hedgehog Plot. compost bins, brambles, piles of leaves
b) Bird Plot. unprotected fruit bushes, cherry trees and seeds
c) Fox Plot. strawberries to attract squirrels, trees for shade, old carpet for comfort, plastic ducks for play
d) Bee Plot. wild flowers for nectar
e) Butterfly Plot. brassica caterpillar food and flowers for nectar
f) Beetle Plot. rotting old planks & wood for larvae, aphid attracting plants for food
g) Worm Plot. bricks and old plant pots to hid under, dandelions (they seem to like their roots)
h) Snail Plot. cardoons (tasty!)
i) Rat Plot. lots of ripe squashes left uncollected
j) Mouse Plot. strawberries & broad bean seeds
k) Frog Plot. a pond with rocks and old logs.