Sunday, 31 January 2016

Narrative Spaces Exhibition

Please come along if you can. The exhibition runs until mid march and will feature new work on the theme of gardens, parks, interiors, street scenes & portraits.   


  1. Oh, taunt me with just ONE painting. C'mon, Greg---I can't walk across The Pond to see!! You have to share some more. Teehee---I'm a pain, but I love your stuff!
    Have a terrific show

  2. Didn't mean to taunt Sue, its just that a lot of the paintings in the show have already a some stage appeared on this blog. So you haven't been that denighed, although I was only just talking about how different pictures can look in tbe flesh compared to online. I was struck by how some of Peter Doig's paintings look a bit unimpressive on a tablet as opposed to in a gallery wall. Still it does notstopthemfrom selling at £16,000 000! Thanks again.