Monday, 6 October 2014

Skylines 1. I love Buddleia

Part of a series of mug designs based on life in East Dulwich


  1. Greetings Greg--I've been catching up with your posts---LOVE the sketches from 3 posts ago-it gives a different perspective from the paintings--which are so "soft" and you know how I love them so. You have so much talent.
    As for your "mystery Squash" -don't you just love a surprise!?! No idea what it could be. I know I had a few surprises myself this year. I always promise I will keep better records, but it's hard to stop and write down EVERYTHING---I swear I'll remember , but seldom do-ha ha.

    Anyway-hope your autumn is going well.

    1. hello Sue, thanks again for your very generous & encouraging comments. The mystery squash has now been identified as a Naples Long, which apparently is an old italian heirloom variety that turns orange when stored and gains more? flavour (it could hardly have less!). I'm sure you are more organised than I am when it comes to keeping track of whats been planted. Although I must admit to quite liking the surprise of seeing what fruits are going to appear. Weather here has turned from very dry to lots of rain.