Saturday, 4 October 2014

Mystery Squash

Technical Specifications: Colour  - skin dark green, inside flesh deep orange. Texture - smooth, ridged.  Length  - 3 ft. Width - 7ins. Weight - heavy. Smell - vague. Taste - indisernible. Seed Packet - lost!   


  1. do you think it was an Acorn Squash that went a bit crazy with all the rain (would normally be more nut shaped)?

  2. hang on, let me rephrase that - morphed in the rain. 3ft!!!!

    1. nice to hear from you Nic, hope Euan is doing well, I see pictures of him growing up on your blog. Talking of growing, this squash did go a bit crazy, partly because the others on the vine dropped off and of course the rain. Its not an acorn, although the colour and ridges are very similar, its now been identified as a Naples Long, an old italian heirloom variety, with bright orange flesh.