Friday, 17 November 2017

Fireworks II


*part of a shrivelled chilli plant, well past its sell by date, rescued from the local co-op supermarket, (reduced to 75p)


  1. I'm trying to decide why I thought a chilli with shrivelled leaves could look cheerful. Maybe because of its colour. Perhaps because of the title you gave it. But when I read about rescuing it from the supermarket I felt sad again - realising you hadn't meant that it would suddenly spring to life . . . or that you'd use the seeds.
    Or maybe it's because the leaves aren't in detail. I love shrivelled leaves. They are dynamic not dying; constantly changing - and with more individuality than when unfurling at the beginning of their lives.

    1. I really like what you say about leaves, its true they somehow become more individual at this stage in their cycle. I wasn't sure whether or not to call this picture 'resurrection' although it was the title that came to mind when painting it and I wanted to make some reference to its history, which as you say is in one sense quite sad. Still, hopefully something positive has arisen from a mundane and neglected supermarket shelf.

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