Monday, 2 January 2017

House Notebook

Dekker Road Dulwich

various working drawings from my houses notebook  leading up to the 2016 Dulwich Artists Open House


  1. I love these "glimpses" (is that a word?) into your notebook. It kind of gives me an idea of how
    you do what you do. Very interesting. And oh, the talent!!!
    Hope your winter is going well . Nice Christmas?
    We're having a disappointing winter-not enough snow to ski.....yet the weather is "too nice" to feel like
    hunkering in with the piano and the paints.

    1. Nice to hear from you Sue and happy new year! My Christmas was busier than usual both with work and socialising. Like you, we haven't had much wintry weather, certainly not snow but a few nice foggy and frosty mornings. Even if its not cold over there you can still get painting, sometimes you just need to start.