Monday, 22 August 2016

House Portraits

 Dulwich House I

 Dulwich House II

two versions of a recent house portrait commission. The house is in East Dulwich, South London and like most terrace houses in the area was built between 1870 - 1890.   


  1. I'm rather favoring the reddish version. What a nice looking house.

    Summer is almost over--the time is going so fast, isn't it? Hope yours has been a good one.

    1. Hi Sue, the person that commissioned the painting prefered the reddish one as well. It was a birthday present for her husband, I hope he liked it! Yes the summer does seem to be long past its peek. Everything here is looking a bit over, not helped by a lot of dry weather. Still we have had some v. Good growing conditions and a fine crop of veg. Hope your summer has been fruitful too.