Friday, 21 November 2014

Chaotic Gardener Tea Mug

yet another bit of merchandise! which will allow, as Amy Willis so eloquently puts it "fellow dirt thrusters to drink their coffee in style" See it on the Zazzle site - Chaotic Gardener Tea Mug enjoy. 


  1. Hello again Greg! I've just set up a Twitter account - painlessproofreading - and it struck me that Twitter would work well for you. My friend Moira uses it in tandem with her blog, You should have a look.

    Hope all well

    1. hello Audrey, nice to hear from you when you mentioned your friend Moira I thought of Mira. I've been doing twitter for a while now but don't really understand anything that involves hash tags. Its a bit like predictive texts, whats that all about? Strange world this endless digital interplay but it does make it easier to connect with long lost friends, which can not be bad.