Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sketches from Tregennis

Titles from top. Caerbwdy Bay, acrylic on paper. Various roads north of St Davids, pencil on paper. Road to Tregennis, acrylic on paper. 


  1. Nice---very "relaxing" to look at.
    How's your garden doing? We had a light frost yesterday morning. I don't think the tomatoes took it too well........
    : (

  2. Sorry to hear about your tomatoes Sue, I hope you enjoyed some before they were caught out. This years been very good for us, lots of beans, tomatoes, courgettes, kale, chard and an enormous long green squash which has yet to be identified (it may make an appearance on a future post). Vegetable growing can still have its mysteries, even after doing it for nearly twenty years.