Wednesday, 14 May 2014

A Rusty Nail

The allotment has had its revenge. Finally I managed to get to my much neglected plot this afternoon only to promptly step on a nail, hidden in one of many abandoned piles of rotting detritus. Hosting an artist open house is a time hungry business and so is having an allotment in May, with a site inspection looming.

This weekend I will probably be hosting the exhibition on crutches and wondering when I'll ever be able to get my beans in. But the show must go on, the one with pictures that is, not prize winning allotment veg.       


  1. So sorry to hear about your foot--painful indeed.
    Best of luck on your show!!

    1. thank you Sue, and I'm sorry I've only just replied, for some reason I didn't get any email notification of your comment. The show went well but my foot is still not healed. I'm definitely going to be more tidy on the plot in future. Sorry again for the late response, I hope your getting some good growing weather over there.