Monday, 3 March 2014

Knots & Dabberlocks

Sanderlings in the Shrubby Sea Blite


Oyster Catchers

Dunlins on the Knotted Wrack

Knots & Dabberlocks


  1. I love them all!
    I've missed your art so much this LONG cold winter. What a fine welcome back to your blog--I literally laughed when I saw these. I've always enjoyed watching the shorebirds methodically combing for treats. You've captured their silliness--
    Happy Spring ( I think---we still have over 5 feet of snow on the ground, but I started a tray of seeds today so it MUST be near!)
    : )

    1. good to hear from you Sue. We have had a very mild but incredibly wet winter and spring has come early. Your winter sounds like a proper one, five feet of snow is unheard of in london but the weather globally seems so unpredictable these days that I wouldn't be surprised if we get a couple of feet next year. Glad you like the birds.