Saturday, 11 January 2014

Winter Flowers


(picked early december 2013)


(picked early december 2013)


(pinched from an old engraving november 2013)


(sliced late december 2013)


  1. Very pretty I think you might have the same bottles as I do. Did you find them on the allotment? I thought the pumpkin was a rabbit at first maybe I'm just rabbit obsessed.

    1. If you are rabbit obsessed, you are not alone . I suffered from the affliction for many years, it has now thankfully abated but occasionally it still causes me to mistake pumpkins for leporids. The bottles are derived from a boot fair, the only things I find at the allotment are golf balls in various stages of reverting back to a pile of elastic bands. The flowers are survivors from our garden. I wanted to paint a white winter rose and was very tempted to pinch one from someones front garden (as I was too embarrassed and cowardly to ask) though in the end I decided I couldn't live with the guilt, anyway painting daisies is much easier.