Monday, 18 February 2013

Winter Exhibition 10.

Silhouette and Shard


  1. I love this one - where were you? Somewhere like sydenham hill or maybe one tree hill (though this has too many trees now!)

    1. thanks I'm glad you like it. I was inspired by a high point overlooking London, near were I live called Dawson Heights. There's a huge stepped block of council flats at the very top of the park, its a famous landmark in these parts, but as a one time south Londoner I'm sure your familiar with it.

    2. That's the other place I was going to say! I know the land out front used to be managed by the LWT.

    3. at first I thought you meant London Weekend Television! but I think your talking about London Wildlife Trust which also manage the Centre for Wildlife Gardening in Marsden Road, a small secret wildlife oasis, tucked away in the back streets of east dulwich.