Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Allotment Notebook 4. Saint Vincent

uncensored extracts from Greg Becker's allotment diary


Vincent (Van Gogh) is the patron saint of allotments
gardeners wear straw hat halos as a sign of their devotion
there are so many other signs of his presence
gnarled vegetables
old boots
texture and spikiness of the cropped land
old clothes and hard work
the dying sunflowers sing a devotional hymn to his memory


wednesday 30th Jan. at 7.00 pm on the hort channel Sean James Cameron will review Plot 52's 


  1. I really do like your uncensored notebooks. However, every time I look at your blog that '2011' glares out at me. Pedantic probably but it's the inner proof reader in me which is always trying to get out.

    1. oh yes, thats not good (now changed) hope no one else has noticed. If you ever do write a book your publisher will save a lot of money not having to hire a proof reader! thanks for letting me know.