Friday, 18 January 2013

Allotment Notebook 2. Robins & A Quick P

uncensored extracts from Greg Becker's allotment diary


snow on bags
blue shadow of snowy morning

some days nothing happens other than a succession of birds appearing as if waiting in the wings 

queueing for their cue

I saw various unidentified flocks of birds fluttering on and off stage

but the robins stole the show

on cold days robins will spontaneously appear where ever there is a human gardener 

and find a perch free of snow 
nothing escapes their attention 

as there was nobody about I took a quick pee into the compost - relieved not to have to hide in a corner

away from other gardeners or passing golfers
but within seconds of me walking away a robin was investigating the area of melted snow left behind 

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