Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Autumn Exhibition 3.



  1. You really have "softness" in painting mastered. I just love these--so relaxing to look at.

    1. thanks Sue, if people feel relaxed when they look at my pictures then I feel relaxed as well because that (combined with a bit of mystery and intrigue) is definitely the desired effect!

  2. Spot on! I want to walk round that corner! Lovely

  3. Hi Greg, I haven't kept up with blog reading for months now (for obvious reasons) but happily G has.
    What an amazing surprise it was to open up this beautiful print of yours on Christmas Day as ever 'for mummy' gift
    It's all the more lovely for feeling like it's been painted by a friend and will have a very proud place on the wall in the lounge once G hangs it.
    Thanks so much for conspiring with him to make this a very special first family Christmas. N x

  4. Hello Nic, I'm so pleased you like the print. I still enjoy your blog posts but still can not comment on wordpress blogs! I think this must be one of my new years resolutions to sort this out.
    Best Wishes for the new year. Greg

  5. Hi Greg, I didn't realise you had a problem with WP comments. It's gone very quiet on my blog and I figured people had just drifted away as I write less frequently now. I wonder if others are having the same problem as you? Would you like to email me details and I'll ask the WP support people about helping resolve it.
    cheerio and happy new year, N x

  6. I think I've managed to solve the problem., I changed my password again and left a comment on your blog and it seems to have been excepted. I'm sure this is not a problem people have generally and just a case of my own incompetence, but thanks anyway for trying to help.