Friday, 12 October 2012

plot 52 ibooks


  1. Ooh I didn't know you could embed Blurb info into a blogpost! Must do that immediately...

  2. there is now also a way of editing blurb ebooks and apparently you can now add an audio sound track, which opens up the possibility of your book having a celebrity voice over.

  3. It's a year since I did mine - how things have changed! Must explore further - not sure which 'celebrity' would want to voice over a book about Chippenham ;)

    Any ideas for yours?

    1. actually I've just found out that the sound option is quite limited. Continuous sound is not possible, you can only have seperate sound recordings for each page, which would make viewing with sound a bit clunky. However it does open up the prospect of having a different celebrity voice over on each page, although this could be expensive!

      P.S. I was thinking more along music for mine but perhaps your book could be sounds of chippenham (church bells, river noises, local wildlife)