Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dulwich Artists Open House.


I will be showing drawings from including artwork from my books - 'An illustrated Allotment Alphabet' and 'Sporting Feats' 
at this years Dulwich Artists Open House 12/13 & 19/20 May:

catalogue pdf  (number 74 on the se22 map)

Also showing are landscape & seascape paintings by Julia Burnett, please come along if you can.  



  1. Fantastic Greg!!
    I am so glad to see your talents have been put together at last. Good luck with the new books and the exhibition. Great news.

    1. thank you Trevor, I read your latest post and wish you well with your allotment sharing search. I tried to leave a comment but I'm having problems with wordpress blogs at the moment - must sort it out.