Sunday, 12 February 2012

Allotment Alphabet - P


  1. These are just the most wonderful pictures. I've truly enjoyed this series!

    1. thank you Sue, I hope you enjoy the remaining ten letters.

  2. I wish I had a polytunnel - particularly if hedgehogs and ladybirds partied in it :)

  3. Is that "P" for hedgehog or "P" for porcupine? Looks like hedgehog. maybe it is Pretty Hedgehog! or Parade of Hedgehogs!

    We have mind winters here, but I do have plastic that I use to cover things when we freeze. It sure helps when I need to use it.

    Love the Pretty Ladybird cheering teams!

  4. I wanted to bring hedgehogs into the alphabet and have passed 'H' awhile ago so I had to think hard. Its a shame we don't have porcupines here as that would have made my job considerably easier! I'm glad you like the ladybirds, they're always useful for splash of red to cheer up the picture and cheer on the hedgehogs.